Sun shines brightly

Anyone else get a brilliantly blue sky this afternoon?  Here in my corner of the Pacific Northwest we sure did. They say you don’t get any Vitamin D from the sun coming through your window, but something sure makes me feel instantly better! It’s one of those days that you look out the window and you just feel warm.

I took my son outside in his stroller a few minutes ago, and sadly it was still coat weather.  Not too surprising for February, my own feelings notwithstanding. It was a lovely walk, one that I should remember to repeat many times throughout the rest of the year!

I am learning that this is the perpetual struggle of the work-at-home crowd: the ability not only to get all my work done in the midst of all the other demands that scream at me (both figuratively and literally, at times), but also to put that work on the back burner in order to restore myself, whether in the sun, with a hot cup of tea, or just a few seconds with my eyes closed.

This is one lesson that I never mastered during 9 years of college, but I’m going to get a crash course now!


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