Going crackers

Ok, I’ve failed miserably at crackers twice.  Any suggestions?

Now, I’ve made something like saltines before that were really good.  They are also quite a time drop.  I’d read in cookbooks (not sure which at the moment) that you can make crackers basically out of any bread.  They didn’t say they would turn out good, so I guess there were no guarantees.  I tried making them with the same whole wheat dough I’ve been using for sandwich bread, and so far they’re hard as rocks and, well, boring.  Olive oil and salt on the top helped; I also mixed in italian spices.

Thought one:  after separating from the bread dough, I could add olive oil to the dough and knead it in.  It might end up crispy instead of teeth-shattering.

Thought two:  the crackers do need to be thinner.  I guess I’m not proficient with the rolling pin yet. 

Thought three:  saltines usually have yeast and baking soda (or powder?  I forget) so maybe adding that with the extra oil would give them a bit of extra lift when baking.

Anyone else crazy enough to make their own crackers?  Successes, failures, any tips at all?


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