They’re cookies to me!

Here’s how it goes every now and then in our house:

“What are you making?”

“I’m making cookies!”

“Oh great I haven’t had cookies forever!”

12-20 minutes in the oven later….

“Here, try this.”

(Excitedly nibbles, then face drops)

“I thought you were making cookies!”

Well, that’s what happens when maple syrup and honey are not the same thing as crystally sweet cane sugar.  Sorry hun.

Then I tell my wonderful husband he can make his own cookies.  Well, that hasn’t happened since we were dating.  Of course, I’m pretty sure he gets cookies at his mom’s house, at the office, at other random social gatherings…it’s not like he’s cookie deprived.  It’s just that the idea of his wife making him fresh-baked cookies is for him an elusive, barely-sweet crumbly unsatisfying dream.

So, since it’s Christmas time and we’re going to attempt to finish putting up lights and other decorations tonight, I decided to make some sugar cookies (pretty good low-additive recipe here).  But first, I made these, so that I am not too tempted by “their” cookies:

No-bake almond and coconut cookies

One substitution — almond butter instead of coconut butter.  I don’t like the texture of too much of that coconut stuff.

One thing I’ve discovered, for me anyway — there is only one chocolate out there that I can tolerate.  And still, I try not to have too much, because chocolate does apparently contain sulfur in some amount.  The chocolate is this:

Theo Pure 70% Dark Chocolate

Only the plain, dark chocolate variety.  None of the fancy flavored ones, they all give me headaches, but this 4-ingredient beauty I can eat.  And I do.  Way too often.  If my husband knows I’m having a stressful week, he makes extra sure I am stocked up on these babies.

I attribute my tolerance of it to the fact that it is made with ground vanilla bean instead of extract, as I cannot have vanilla extract.  It also, by the way, is GMO free.


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