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Who knew?

Carrots and celery and beets — and some apple and pineapple just for fun 😉

Yep, it was so good I drank half of it before I thought to snap a pic.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, I now have the use of a real, live juicer!

Yes.  It is a lot better than my “pioneer woman” version:

Somehow, it actually tastes better from the actual juicer.  I don’t know why.

Now I know what you’re thinking — What about all that nutritious fiber?  Isn’t that why everyone has to plunk down their life savings for the Vitamix?  You are SO behind the times!

Well, let’s just say I have to follow my tummy.  I can barely tolerate cooked, soft fruits and veggies right now.  Juice is the way to get the enzymes, nutrients, etc that I am missing because I just can’t digest raw celery and a bunch of other stuff any other way. (See:  GAPS, Juicing)  Once my system heals a bit more, I will definitely be appreciating keeping all that fiber ala fresh fruits and veggies.  I miss those, I really do.

For now, I love my carrot-celery-beet-apple-pineapple concoction!