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Been busy…

Well, what can I say?  Been busy having a baby.  Totally enjoying the baby, and my son’s unending delight with his little sister.  At times his adoration is a little too exuberant for my laid-back, quiet babe, but she seems to adore him equally anyway.  That’s the good news!

The bad news is:  HELP!

Since my last post, I’ve been able to resume eating fruits and some vegetables, but have had to back off the chocolate and caffeine!  (Kind of a “duh” when I put it that way).  I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire of foods I can eat, since breastfeeding a baby requires large amounts and variety of nutrients, as well as calories.  Thankfully, breastmilk is made in such a way that my baby will not be lacking those nutrients due to my dietary limitations.  I on the other hand may be severely lacking if all of it goes to making milk!

This leads me to the problem:  every time I try to introduce a new food to my diet, even if I tolerate it alright, it seems to bother my baby.  She starts spitting up profusely and through her nose (that cannot feel good!)  Now when I say profusely, it is relative — she usually spits up very little, and the “profuse” amount is enough to get both of our shirts a bit wet.

Today, however, brought a whole new level of “profuseness” to her spitting up.  Three times within 10 minutes, she spit so much out of both mouth and nose, it completely drenched her and her car seat.  Luckily I had only just begun grocery shopping, and I hightailed it out of there so I could get her cleaned up.  The amount coming out her nose was staggering. She is not sick, no fever, doesn’t even seem uncomfortable in between her bouts of spitting (which has continued off and on this afternoon).  But I can hear her stomach gurgling as it forces the contents out.  Sorry, a bit graphic, but it really is a new extreme to her “spitting up”.

So it could have been the heat today.  It might have been my chocolate splurge yesterday.  I did have strawberries in a smoothie this morning, I sometimes feel she reacts when I eat strawberries but never like this.  Maybe it’s completely random, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am completely at a loss right now as to how to get myself back on a healthy, varied diet without affecting my baby.  I’d go to formula except that a) I believe that breastmilk is still better than formula, even with this difficulty, and b) the one time she had formula she didn’t have a poo for more than two weeks.

As a mom, you always hope to give the best of everything to your kids; to nourish them into happy, healthy adults someday.  I seem to have given my kids terrible digestion/allergies/intolerances.  Sorry, kids.  Maybe we’ll all figure out how to get over or deal with that someday.  Stay tuned as we give it a go.

Here’s a resource I will be checking out:  http://dianaibclc.com/2012/01/08/so-what-can-i-eat/